Consider Co-Codamol for Your Pain Relief Needs

Thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom suffer from recurring pain to some degree or another. Whether it’s the kind that leaves them incapable of getting out of bed or simply makes everyday activities herculean efforts, modern medicine means no one has to suffer unnecessarily. There are a number of different types of painkillers out there designed to help ensure everyone in the U.K. can get by without terrible agony being a normal part of their lives. One popular example of such a medication like this is called co-codamol.

What Is Co-codamol?

Like many painkillers, co-codamol is an analgesic, which means it addresses your discomfort via the central nervous system. The main takeaway is that it relieves pain from the inside out, often to alleviate the source of it by blocking the pain receptors involved. To do this, co-codamol makes use of one of the most popular painkillers on the planet: codeine. The other main ingredient in this product is paracetamol, which you probably know better as Panadol or Tylenol.

If you go to buy co-codamol, you may also find it under the names Paracodol, Codipar, Kapake, Tylex, Zapain or Solpadol.

Three Different Levels

The other thing you need to think about if you wish to buy co-codamol is that it comes in three different strengths – check this page for details. Essentially, the potency of the co-codamol comes down to how much codeine is in each one. While the paracetamol is the same throughout, the three different painkillers have varying degrees of the other active ingredient, allowing doctors to subscribe what they feel is the right dosage for someone’s pain.

For many doctors, even these three levels may make it difficult to prescribe this medication. That’s because whenever you mix painkillers into one product, it becomes tough to know which amount is the right amount for a patient.

Fortunately, one of the painkillers in this product is about as dangerous as aspirin, meaning doctor have far less to worry about. Codeine use should always be monitored, but the presence of paracetamol shouldn’t set off any alarm bells.

Types of Pain

Not all forms of pain control, even the medicinal kind, are necessarily right for your situation. So don’t go out and buy co-codamol until you’re sure it will address your particular type of suffering. Obviously, the easiest way to do this is by heading to the doctor and asking if co-codamol is right for you. If it’s not, there are probably still other painkillers they can prescribe you to get you back up on your feet.

For the most part, though, those who use this drug suffer from fairy specific issues. As we mentioned earlier, because this drug addresses your nerves, that’s often one of the conditions that get people interested in this type of pain control solution. If you’ve had any type of nerve damage or pain causing you suffering, then this drug may be a good match.

Thousands of people in the U.K. suffer from dental-related pain every year. Perhaps you had a bad visit to the dentist or everything was successful, but you were still left in pain. Again, this would probably be a good time to buy co-codamol and start taking it. Obviously, your teeth are directly connected to nerves in your jaw, so this medication could be exactly what’s called for to get you comfortable again.

Muscular pain is also something that you could use this medication to treat. Painkillers have long been a way to tackle pain related to your muscles. Pulling a muscle is one thing, but certain types of muscle issues can wreak havoc on your entire body (i.e. sciatica). Fortunately, co-codamol can shut down the nerves responsible for delivering the pain throughout the body.

Lastly, many women suffer unnecessarily from their menstrual cycle. Many of the symptoms they feel could fall into any of the above categories. Some truly unfortunate women in the U.K. even have several of the above symptoms all at once. For them, this type of pain control may be the only way they can get out of bed each day.

Before You Take this Drug

Definitely talk to a doctor before you start taking this drug, just to be safe. Some signs that you are not a good match for this type of medication would be if you’ve had issues with codeine in the past. If you’re pregnant, trying to be or are currently breastfeeding, now’s not a good time to take on this type of pain control. Anyone who is asthmatic or otherwise suffers from breathing problems like obstructive pulmonary disease should stay away from this solution as well. As with any painkiller, don’t take this one with alcohol.

So if the ailments above sound familiar, you’re probably a great candidate for taking co-codamol to begin experiencing relief today. It could mean a second lease on life!

Good News for UK and European sufferers from Pain

No one enjoys being needlessly in pain. Pain caused by chronic disease or injury can be a burden that diminishes the quality of life. It can be an added hardship to travel to a doctor, especially if there is a frequent need for pain management. Many patients who suffer from mild to moderate pain are given Co-Codamol, an effective combination of codeine and paracetamol. A new method of getting your pain management prescriptions has arrived on the market. Instead of needing to visit the doctor and chemist, making troublesome trips, you can now make use of an online pain management service.

Introducing the concept found at RXExpress, a growing alternative in pain control.

RXExpress runs a web-based pain clinic where patients can have a consultation with a registered doctor from the UK to assess and prescribe an appropriate pain killer.  With that prescription the patient can then buy painkillers – click for more info – directly from the site. If your order is approved before 3pm GMT you will get your medication the next day for most prescriptions, at least if you buy Co-Codamol (Tramadol takes longer due to its controlled status and can take up to 5 days). The shipping is free and can be delivered anywhere inside of Europe (but not the US – site does not deliver to US residents).

How does it work?

Patients who need pain management can create a log in and fill out a health questionnaire then get a free consultation with one of the registered doctors. Based on your responses and their assessment you will be denied, or given a prescription and based on what is written, you will select what pain medication you want to purchase and the order is forwarded to the pharmaceutical department. The online clinic operates with the assistance of a partner pharmacy that processes the order and ships it in a discrete and secure package. Aside from Tramadol, so long as the order is processed with 3pm GMT, you will get your order within 24 hours. You or an adult must sign for the delivery, and if for any reason the doctors deny the order, you are not charged for it or the consultation.

Is it legitimate to order painkillers through them?

 It is quite legitimate and they do abide by all the laws and regulations set forth by the UK Government. This includes limiting the day supply on medications such as Tramadol and verifying each customer’s identity by use of Equifax. If you are genuinely in pain and need an alternative than going into the doctor, they are truly a registered and qualified team of doctors and pharmacy personal that can help you.

What types of pain can be managed through painkillers?

 Any type of persisting pain that is mild to moderate can be easily managed from home with the assistance of the online pain clinic. With a range of NSAID to synthetic opioid, they can help manage a wide variety of painful conditions. The most common medication, is prescription strength Co-Codamol, which can help treat many types of pain that range in severity from mild to moderate and include toothaches, muscle, joint, and even monthly pains for women.

Who benefits the most from using an online pain clinic?

If you have  a chronic condition that requires ongoing treatment, an online pain clinic consultation can not replace the benefits of a fave-to-face visit with your doctor. However, if you have an established case and are more or less left with just needing pain control medication, then an online pain management clinic could be perfect for you. Done from the convenience of your home, it especially beneficial for the elderly and physically impaired that have difficulty traveling to their doctor. As there is no fee for the consultation, there is no harm in speaking with them to find out if your pain can be managed with the assistance of prescription painkillers.

Co-Codamol: The Pros and Cons

HMC_Pharmacy-Internet-Image1Co-Codamol is a medication that helps in relieving your severe pain. It is an extremely effective painkiller and pain controlling medication. You can buy co-codamol from a pharmacy or online with the prescription of a registered physician and all directions for use should be followed to avoid any harm from the side effects. You will more than likely receive a prescription for 30/500mg in the form of a capsule, tablet, or effervescent tablet.

How Co-Codamol Works
As a painkiller, co-codamol is a combination of codeine and paracetamol. These two medications do different things in order to properly relieve your pain and make your day a little more comfortable when coping with muscle pain, nerve pain, or toothaches. This medication is not recommended for use over three days and your doctor should be consulted if they prescribe you with a prescription any longer than three days to ensure your safety.
The first part of co-codamol is the codeine, which is an opiate used for its abilities as an analgesic, antitussive, antihypertensive, antidiarrheal, antidepressant, anxiolytic, sedative, and hypnotic. It has also been used to suppress premature labor, myocardial infarctions, and many other uses. It’s many uses makes it extremely effective in many other medications to assist in many different treatments.
The second part of co-codamol is paracetamol which helps to block the nerves which transmit the pain impulse to the brain. Another name that paracetamol is known as is acetaminophen, or Tylenol and Panadol. It is an analgesic used in many other medications that contain opiates such as morphine, Vicodin, and Percocet. It is commonly used as an over the counter pain reliever for headaches, other minor aches and pains, as well as an ingredient in cold medicines. It is important not to mix medications that already contain paracetamol with other medications that contain the same ingredient as you could possibly overdose and become extremely ill.

Is Co-Codamol a suitable treatment for me?
The use of co-codamol is not a great fit for everyone as there is the possibility of adverse reactions such as allergic reactions or it does not fit well into your general lifestyle. You want to make sure you provide your doctor with a complete list of medications that you are currently using to be sure that they can properly treat you. If you have a pre-existing condition that may affect the doctor’s ability to prescribe you the appropriate medication to treat you, they need to be extremely well informed to ensure your safety.
Possible Side Effects
Co-codamol, like other medications, have a few possible side effects that you should inform your doctor of if you ever experience them. These effects are not limited to drowsiness, fainting, nausea, rash, tiny pupils, confusion, constipation, difficulty urinating, and dry mouth. Your doctor may suggest ways to counter these side effects or he may change your prescription all together. Keeping your doctor well informed as to how a medication effects you will make your treatment go much smoother and may help you recuperate faster.